Blog: After all, everybody wants to go to Rome…

Nowadays, we all talk about ‘having a grip on the hiring process’. It is seen as the ‘Rome’ everyone is going to or would like to be.


Although I did not have a Catholic upbringing, I was taught the proverb that all roads lead to Rome. I recently thought of this proverb again when it occurred to me that I have had the pleasure of advising organisations facing hiring problems for over 15 years now, and that my journey at Nétive began over half a year ago.


In recent years, the impact of employees hired externally to aid with the day-to-day operation of organisations has undeniably increased. Impact on operational and financial aspects, as well as on legal aspects. This increase has led to clients more often and more urgently expressing the need for transparency and audits.

Nowadays, we all talk about ‘having a grip on the hiring process’. It is seen as the ‘Rome’ everyone is going to or would like to go to. Whether it is a purchaser wanting insights to control costs, a legal assistant who considers compliance paramount or an HR adviser whose task it is to help permanent employees further their careers—all of them have their sights set on Rome.

Multiple roads

I have always spent a lot of time with clients on defining their starting point and desired goals. Time and again, the outcome of workshops and conversations was that each organisation wanted to take a greatly different path from the other, be it in type, route and/or tempo. Is that a bad thing? Not at all! Can it be complex? Absolutely! It has made it clear to me that there are multiple roads that lead to Rome and that each meticulously drawn roadmap runs the risk of being (partially) erased again tomorrow or the day after.

Until about three years ago, the neutral MSP was on the rise, but as a result of shortages on the labour market, there has been a trend shift recently towards the concept of a Master Vendor. Do you outsource the recruitment process or invest in the modernisation of your own recruitment team? There are solid arguments for both options. We have not even discussed all the laws imposed by the EU and Dutch government for organisations to rack their brains over. There will not be any clarity around hiring self-employed candidates anytime soon, so it might be best to research whether all tasks can be covered by SoWs.

Wishes and priority lists of organisations differ greatly and always depend on things like the current phase of organisational development, the percentage of labour costs, the type of product/service, and of course, the company culture. While Rome is undeniably the ultimate destination, I understand that having the possibility and the need to find your own way there are absolutely essential.

A stable foothold and guaranteed arrival

These days, you can choose from a multitude of excellent service providers to confidently outsource all of your different hiring processes. At the same time, many organisations prove that choosing to ‘undertake the journey’ themselves can result in great best practices. So, while making the choice between outsourcing or keeping it in-house certainly requires some thought, I do not think it presents the greatest challenge.

That challenge mainly lies in picking a stable foothold: a proper Vendor Management System. After all, the day-to-day operation of your organisation sometimes requires the speed and straightforwardness of a ride over the Autobahn, while moments later the Alps come into view and your hiring process has to be able to withstand tunnels, hairpin curves, and slippery roads.

A professional VMS allows you to adapt to different scenarios, which is crucial to making the essential (or desired) choices for the day-to-day operation of your organisation, in the knowledge that your choices will not be limited by poorly paved roads or cul-de-sacs. In short, stability regardless of your choice and guaranteed arrival in Rome.

About Rolf Hamersma

Rolf Hamersma is Partner Success Manager at Nétive VMS B.V.

“When the opportunity presented itself last year, I made the decision to take the next step in my career and join Nétive. Nétive VMS Force2 gives you the independence, stability and system flexibility to host each different type of hiring scenario at any given moment. Want to outsource or do it yourself? The choice is all yours. Let’s make the journey to Rome together! I am eager to see your preferred route…”