Expert Opinion:

Michel Badeaux (COO) about Nétive VMS

Michel Badeaux

As an eighteen year veteran in the HR industry, Michel Badeaux has had quite some encounters with Nétive VMS. In this interview we touch upon our joint history and his current opinion on the company and the tool.

So Michel, can you tell us a bit about yourself and the company you work for?

Sure! I have been in the HR business for quite some time now. I have held primarily operational and IT management positions at e.g. Adecco Group and Randstad Holding. Currently I am the operations and implementation director of Solvus Netherlands. Solvus is an MSP label of Recruit Holdings in Belgium and the Netherlands. As Solvus we aim to provide a neutral vendor MSP service to our clients and we have been quite successful in doing so.

What’s your history and current relationship with Nétive?

I met the founders Patrick Tiessen and Chris Neddermeijer not long after they started their company. So I have seen Nétive develop from a start-up to a mature VMS company. Currently we have a strategic partnership with Nétive for Solvus to grow its business in the Netherlands and Belgium. My team and I work closely together with our counterparts at Nétive. From an executive standpoint we frequently discuss new business ideas and future feature development. Operationally, a Nétive consultant assists us continuously in leveraging Nétive’s functionality.

In your opinion, what separates Nétive from its competitors?

Commercially, Solvus has a VMS agnostic position. So the client has the opportunity to make separate decisions on if and how they would like to continue their relationship with the MSP and the technology provider. Nétive’s strategy is focused on its MSP partners, and that does have its advantages. E.g. we are able to offer our clients VMS technology quite competitively and we can leverage our relationship with Nétive to the benefit of our client portfolio.

Operationally, the architecture of the product is also beneficial. In the single Nétive VMS environment we have, we are able to manage multiple client programmes. So implementation lead times for new clients are negligible. And during day-to-day operations, my team can work across clients in a single environment, so I don’t have to worry about redundancy on positions. Slack is automatically picked up by someone within the MSP team nationally.

What is your advice for Nétive for future service or product improvement?

In general I think Nétive is definitely on the right track. I would however like more frequent feedback on where development ideas of ours stand in the roadmap of Nétive. Remember benchmarking we discussed?

Nétive: Yes, I do. It just so happens to be in development as we speak!

In that case, we’re fine!

What is Nétive VMS?

Leveraging Salesforce’s best of breed platform technology, we offer an integrated multi-tenant solution that is able to underpin all of your workforce hiring and management challenges and objectives. Through an agile and component based architecture, we combine Vendor Management (VMS), Applicant Tracking (ATS), Statement of Work (SoW) and Freelancer Management (FMS) in one truly integrated solution. We have demonstrated the ability to increase optimisation through our integrated and consolidated technology, and allow for a single system and single lens across all worker types.

Our solution supports a full-width, in-depth workforce acquisition and management process. Starting with raising a job requisition, through to a fully compliant eInvoice process; your programme is supported in all operational areas.

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