Nétive – A Great Place To Work, Again!

Once again, Nétive has been recognised as a Great Place to Work! As an organisation, we aim to place a premium on the wellbeing and development of our people – and we are proud to be recognised for the added value we provide to our employees.

Last week – we celebrated alongside Stein van der Weiden of GPTW, who was able to share this exciting news with us. As a business, we recognise we are nothing without our people; they are the foundation of our business, the sole contributors to our success and innovation, and we are proud to be on the journey with them. Across our organisation – we run regular check-ins to ensure both strategic and organisational unification and alignment, as well as ensuring we all remain happy, healthy, and in an environment where Nétive allows us to flourish. Some of the key takeaways over the last 6 months, as direct feedback from our employees demonstrate the following:

  • We have developed a great and genuinely collaborative team
  • Enjoyable ‘office family
  • Spacious new office
  • Pleasant daily lunch together
  • Precise hiring policy – ensuring we grow with and alongside the best possible people.
  • Freedom for forward thinking ideas and job crafting.
  • A variety of fun things to keep you occupied within and outside of the workhours!
  • A genuine commitment from the business in taking care of its people

The Trust Index from the employee’s perspective also show beautiful traits that are deeply engrained in the roots and foundations of our business;

  • Trust and Respect
  • Pride
  • Comradery and Fun

And this year Nétive has scored even higher in terms of faithfulness, honesty, respect, pride and integrity at an astonishing 95%. We are excited to continually develop our capabilities, and to remain and grow as a Great Place To Work. As part of our expansion into the UK market – we commit to being a great place to Work, not just in the Netherlands, but in the UK and beyond.
And Respectful and Proud we are!