Looking back, and forward – with pride!

Valued Nétive relation,

In January I like to reflect on the past year and look forward at what 2020 has in store for us. Let us start with the past. It has been another year of growth, for us as a company, as a team, and in our relations. The highlights of 2019:

  1. We moved into an entirely renovated building on Patrijsweg 102. Our offices have grown from 500 square meters to 1200 square meters And our new building is a truly wonderful work environment. I take great pride in the fact that we have been able to achieve all of this. It goes without saying that you are more than welcome to come visit in 2020 and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea with us! Our door is always open, even if you just want to pop in for a quick visit and get some work done in between meetings. We are happy to have you at our company.

  2. We made our unofficial start in England with our new London offices. It has been a great year of exploration, pioneering, and gaining experience. So far, it has gained us two new customers, two new colleagues abroad (they started their jobs on 2 January), and we aim to continue our growth in England in 2020.

  3. It was great to see the first guests line up at 10 a.m. for our opening festival on 26 September 2019. For this edition, we opted to have our development team present their own products. Responses have been overwhelmingly positive. We will surely repeat this concept.

  4. Visma / Raet and Nétive VMS have entered into a partnership. This means that Nétive VMS and Youforce will be connected. Organisations that use RAET’s software now also have access to software developed by Nétive. The systems will exchange data, and only one account is needed for access to either system. This collaboration is one full of ambition.

  5. In co-creation with several of our customers, we have developed our Statement of Work: the ‘Worker Tracker’ application. More news about this development will follow in 2020.

  6. 2019 in numbers:

  • We welcomed 8 new clients
  • As well as 10 new colleagues
  • We gained 2 colleagues in London
  • We wrapped up 3492 service requests
  • More than 28.000 people use our application on a daily basis
  • Our turnover increased by 20% for the third year in a row
  • Our ISO 27001 certificate was extended
  • Nétive VMS became a ‘Great Place to Work’ in 2019
  1. Further professionalisation and expansions our VMS application:

  • Launch of our mobile Nétive app
  • Further integration of our Recruitment module
  • Support for multi-currency in the VMS
  • GDPR additions to the VMS
  1. We took our first steps in socially responsible entrepreneurship by buying more sustainably, cleaning the neighbourhood with colleagues through ‘plogging’, organising a Christmas drive for the Food Bank, and taking part in a lunch for people with poor job prospects.

On top of all of this, I really want to share the following. On 10 December we received the VMS Landscape & Differentiators report from Staffing Industry Analysts. I would like to mention some of the highlights of this report:

  • Of the 26 VMS providers around the world, only six are considered ‘pure players’ (not affiliated with an employment business/HR partner or ERP system). Nétive VMS is one of these six pure players.
  • Nétive is one of the top players when it comes to security. Together with an American VMS provider, Nétive is an industry leader when it comes to security, thanks to our ISO 27001 certificate and GDPR compliance.
  • In comparison to all of its competitors, Nétive has the most programs within government.
  • In the areas of supplier management, time tracking, and invoicing, Nétive VMS is at the top as well.
  • In the area of Reporting and Analytics, Nétive is the #1 VMS!

All in all, we look back with satisfaction, pride and happiness. 2019 was a good year. What will the year ahead bring us? I would like to briefly fill you in on our ambitions.

We will continue our efforts to support the latest laws and regulations meticulously within the application.

Many new laws and regulations will soon be upon us in the Netherlands, such as the WAB (Balanced Labour Market act), new regulations concerning self-employed persons, and registration of foreign workers, and, of course, there are the IR35 and Brexit complexities in the UK. These and other matters will continue to stay relevant for all of us throughout 2020.

Additionally, we launch our Statement of Work, the ‘Worker Tracker’ application in 2020. We have developed an application that allows organisations to track its SoW resource all around the world. Over half of the businesses are currently not able to do this. This could lead to exorbitant expenditure, compliance risks, and more. Our ‘Worker Tracker’ application now offers a way to seamlessly track non-employees who fit into special categories outside of the regular hiring process, for example, subcontractors.

Is this relevant to your organisation? Decrease the risk and add value by including these—often overlooked—categories of workers in your full program.

During the first quarter/half of the year, we will intensively train our new colleagues in England from the Netherlands and show them Nétive’s way of working, allowing them to conquer the local hiring market with our extensive knowledge and philosophy.

As our big move is now behind us and we have no grand openings to organise this year, we can fully focus on what we do best: making sure you, our relation, are satisfied with our services and interaction. And of course we hope to develop many more fantastic relations to advance the maturity of the hiring field as a whole.

We hope to see you in 2020!

Patrick Tiessen