That big splash in the water you might have just heard? That was us. We have landed in the UK!

2019 was a fantastic year for Nétive, its people, and its valued customer and partners. In the Netherlands, we continued our impressive growth figures and retained our position as the VMS market leader within the Dutch market. Looking forward to 2020 – Nétive has made a significant investment to grow its presence, and to establish itself as the mid-market VMS leader within the UK. As already recognised by the SIA as one of the worlds’ most innovative VMS technology providers, and with pre-existing UK clients, we have made the decision to translate our success to the UK.

We remain one of the few pure-play VMS vendors in the market, meaning we are able to operate with a greater degree of agility and flexibility than others in the market. Our investment is centred around placing a dedicated team, responsible for driving company expansion across the UK with a current customers and partners – and of course developing new customers and partners.

As a business we are really excited by the opportunity available to us in the UK market. Often referred to as significantly more mature than other European Labour markets, we look forward to bringing value to the all too often forgotten, mid-market businesses.

We are delighted to be joined by:

Jack Newman; Jack will lead in executing our sales and partner strategy in the UK. Having joined from Adepto, Jack is already well versed in the HCM space and we are excited to share in Jack’s UK successes.

Kieran Jones; Kieran joins us from Randstad UK, where he has had a number of interactions and held responsibility for Nétive deployments. With exceptional product and market knowledge, we look forward to Kieran servicing successful ventures, and helping to deliver exceptional value to our clients and partners.