What is available to the market?

The VMS market is an increasingly vast one, with a huge variety of vendors and solutions available to the market. There is absolutely no ‘one size fits all’, and organisations should consider during their procurement process, ‘what is the problem we are trying to fix’, and ‘how does our technology stack impact our future business and strategic objectives.

Highly saturated market

Technology organisations, historically have a tendency to say they can do it all. They can’t! While there are plenty of solutions available to the market that can competently manage the end to end process – it is more important that these solutions are designed in a component based method. This is to say that whilst one organisation may wish to use a VMS for everything from work demand, through job requisition right to invoicing and offboarding – it is equally important that vendors remain flexible enough to provide just a part of that process.

Nétive VMS guiding the way

What is the ideal solution?

Whilst it is important to consider that there is absolutely no ‘one size fits all’, there are certainly features, functionality and shared ambitions that organisations must consider when procuring new VMS technologies. The ideal solution in my mind, is one that focuses on the skills and capabilities of workers over and above worker type. It is one that is flexible and agile enough to evolve alongside the technology and future workforce strategy of the customer, and to not become a constraint to them further down the road. It is also important to consider the role of the VMS as a technology partner – and not merely as a technology vendor. Organisations expect their technology partners to adopt the role of the trusted advisor, to be able to provide direction to their technology strategy, and to be agile enough to respond quickly to the requirements of the customer.

Naturally, applications of this nature should also be mobile enabled to act as a mechanic to drive user adoption and to ensure a simple way to engage with the solution. Given the diverse nature of processes, workflows and the unique operating models and ambitions of the global UK market – the solution must be configurable from all engaging parties; technology partner, service partner (MSP / RPO) as well as the customer/end user. Finally in order to successfully manage cross-border and global programmes – customisation should be as extensive and as localised as possible, but without the burdens of maintenance. The latter part of the sentence is essential in order to run a financially viable program. This implies agility as well, because organisations and regulations in countries change continuously.

At its heart, a VMS should be able to seamlessly provide a legislatively compliant and secure mechanism where work demand can be originated and managed right through to timesheeting, invoicing, off-boarding, and now more than ever, able to support the retention and recycling of key talent and skills.

Why should you consider Nétive?

Pitfalls with other VMS systems

Nétive is focused on creating the best possible Cloud software to support the management of a contingent workforce and recruitment of permanent staff with one single solution. Our ambition is to fully support our partners and clients in all levels of maturity around the management and implementation of their flexible workforce programme.

Nétive is the market leader within the Netherlands, and we have over 20 years of experience within the VMS market, and currently provide more than 190 Contingent Workforce programmes across 10 countries. Already referred to by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) as one of the most innovative VMS vendors in the world as early as 2014 – we are in a mindset of continuous development and improvement where we aim to respond to, and exceed the requirements of our customers and partners. We remain one of only a few ‘Pure-play’ VMS providers – this is to say we remain agnostic to our partners in order to provide the best possible value to our clients.

 Through our multi-tenancy approach, and our developments to incorporate multi-language and multi-currency requirements across the solution – we are able to manage global programmes for our clients. Our built-in compliance management system has been extended to accommodate local law and legislation, so that we commit to security, compliance and GDPR being at the core of the system.

We have also understood the importance of having a holistic overview of talent – and so by incorporating our VMS, FMS, ATS and SoW modules, we enable organisations to manage their entire end-to-end process within a single solution. We have developed 100’s of successful integrations to ensure we are flexible in existing across our customer’s technology landscape, and through our open API integration capabilities, we remain able to meet a diverse range of customer needs.

We recognise there really is not a one size fits all, and so we have worked hard to ensure our solutions are completely customisable and configurable to our clients. We have also recently developed our ‘Self-Service App’ to provide another layer of configuration and customisation to our customers to ensure we remain flexible to their needs.

Scalability, usability and security has always been at the core of our considerations, and so Nétive is also developed on the SalesForce cloud platform. This supports both us and our customers when it comes to growth, expansion and development – and means we can also utilise the Salesforce AI Suite. We are now able to generate ‘Einstein’ based reporting and analytics to support strategic workforce planning initiatives through scenario planning and predictive analysis. 

benefits of Nétive VMS and Saleforce

Want to learn more?

If you are interested to learn more about our business, our people and our solution – and to understand how we can support your own future workforce strategy – reach us on the below. You can also read our related article on The land of VMS opportunity.

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