Our Freelancer Management System (FMS) is the solution that will help your organisation to enhance its access to freelancers, independent contractors and project-based suppliersin a centralised and efficient way. Using our tool, you can have job requisitions automatically distributed to suppliers who have subscribed to your marketplace or simply find them by searching your database.

Whenever you have to source, our solution will provide you with a transparent, non-discriminatory process, giving all subscribers an equal opportunity to bid for the work. Rates do not have to be the focal point of the selection process, however the best priced proposals can be easily identified, if desired. The system is also able to rank proposals by MEAT criterion (Most Economically Advantageous Tender), reflecting qualitative, technical and sustainable aspects of the tender submission as well as price. Private and public organisations with large external sourcing numbers will clearly see the savings achieved each year after implementation.  A market place can also be used to better control the hiring of external consultants.

Our system will centralise all job requisitions and bring clarity, giving you full visibility of which departments are hiring external consultants and why. With this information in hand, you will be able to better control the inflow of external hiring and reduce the number of incorrect engagements. Our solution was awarded the prestigious Dutch Sourcing Award in 2010 when we first launched the product in the Netherlands, which is a testament of its operational excellence. Here in the UK, the tool can be completely configured to the sourcing needs of your organisation, covering all types of project-based engagements.