On- and Offboarding

No time to waste. Resources immediately have access to the necessary tools at the start of the agreement. When the agreement is terminated, notifications are sent in order to take back access cards, laptops and other items.

Everyone receives their access cards, keys, confidentiality statements on time

An onboarding item is used to inform the correct department or person that a resource needs access within the organisation. This can vary from access cards to confidentiality statements and from safety helmets to mobile phones and laptops. Once this has been arranged, it can be crossed off in the assignment.


Timely knowledge of who enters or leaves the organisation

Timely arrangement of the means a resource needs to begin can be easily accomplished. An onboarding item is automatically sent X number of days before the start of the assignment, so that the internal organisation has enough time to arrange a laptop, access card or a mobile phone. At the end of the assignment, an automatic notification can also be sent to ensure that all items on loan are handed in.

Possible to forward onboarding items via interfacing

It is possible to directly forward the onboarding items to an HR- or ERP package via interfacing.