Nétive VMS

Nétive VMS is our integrated “Software As A Service” solution, which controls the entire hiring process, from raising the job requisition to the invoice approval; all steps of the hiring process are neatly and transparently supported for all employees involved with contingent workforce management in the organisation.

We support the complete management of job requisitions, contracts, compliance requirements,  time reporting and invoicing.  Our solution offers the possibility to control the entire hiring process. We configure the solution so that it matches the maturity of your program or general hiring practice. Because of the modular set up, our solutions grow with the organisation, in line with its developing needs as well as changes in the market.

Nétive VMS is suitable for an internal and outsourced MSPs, Master Vendor models and also fororganisations that want to consider implementing one of these solutions in the future. MSPs and Master Vendors can manage multiple organisations within one environment, at the same time. Our solution, which includes a very advanced dashboard and reporting options, can be fully used via a web browser.