Compliance Management

Using our compliancy management system, documents for each resource can be maintained 100% up to date. Notifications for expired documents can be issued so that you can stay on top of it all.

All resource documents kept together in our compliance management system

Once an assignment is approved, all relevant documentation associated with that engagement can be saved in the compliance management system; new documents can also be uploaded and added to the system at a later stage. Documents can be approved by the department manager, the budget approver, or whoever has been granted approval authority. Viewing only access to the compliance file can be granted and revoked whenever required.

Configuration per customer, contract type and/or position

The organisation may have specific requirements for assignment confirmations depending on whether the resource is engaged as an agency worker or independent contractor, for example. A distinction can be made in the application so that the correct audiences receive the relevant confirmations.

Acceptance of hiring conditions

As part of a candidate submission process, the relevant hiring conditions are digitally sent to the supplier.The vendor will not be able to proceed and complete the submission of its candidate(s) until it has approved and agreed to the proposed terms of engagement.