Release Nétive VMS april

Release Nétive VMS April 2020

The April release will be available in the acceptance environment from Monday April 6th and will be updated to the production environment from Tuesday April 14th. More information can be found in the release notes in Hello! Nétive.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie
track IR35 using Nétive VMS

IR35 Update

In April 2020, new changes to the IR35 legislation will be implemented in the UK. Following the public sector (for which IR35 has been in place since 2017), HMRC is now extending the legislation to the private sector as well. In addition to this, the responsibility for enforcing the IR35 tax legislation will shift to the end hirer, impacting almost all of our clients and partners.

IR35 Update: 2021 delay due to Corona Virus

As you will know by now, IR35 across the private sector has been delayed to 2021 due to the current global crisis. Nétive has planned, prepared and implemented IR35 as part of its core considerations. So whilst legislation doesn’t change until 2021, it doesn’t mean you cannot get ahead of the curve, and enter April 2021 with a clear mind

At Nétive VMS we have anticipated this reformation by supporting the ability to track IR35 in our system. Read more on what we have implemented for IR35 and how you could benefit from it.

Interested? Contact us if you would like to enable this functionality.

Nétive VMS in German

Butterfly, Butterfly, Papillon…SCHMETTERLING…? From now on we also support the language German in our application. Dutch, English and French were already represented in the application, but after a configuration change you can also address your German speaking contacts in your own language. Even if you don’t speak a word of German yourself. Via your Netive account manager you can “install” German, jawohl!

Gender Neutrality

We at Nétive are able to move in line with the modern world. We believe in acceptance, openness and respect across our business, customers, partners and users. And that’s why we have updated the “Gender” field withinin each relevant form to include extra options: “Other” and “Prefer not to say”.

Gender neutrality amongst Nétive