My name is Stefan Androulakis and I recently started working for Nétive as a management trainee. I have finished a master in Political Science at the university of Leiden. During my internship at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations (social domain department) I found out that I highly enjoy analysing data. I’m also passionate about customer relations and IT and during my studies I enjoyed working at the front office student affairs at the university of Leiden,

I’m very excited to be working at Nétive. I hope I will be able to use my enthusiasm and creativity at Nétive and that I will be able to learn a great deal.

My creative nature is expressed through my hobbies. I play the guitar, own a number of Greek musical instruments and am currently taking piano lessons. I live with Helianne in the beautiful city of Leiden. I also travel to Crete regularly to see my godchild and the Greek side of my family. Finally, in my spare time I make sure I’m staying up to date on all news regarding cryptocurrencies.